4 Types of Electric vehicle | CMG

4 Types of Electric vehicle | CMG

what is an electric vehicle

the electric vehicle(e.v) is a vehicle that uses one or more electric motors for propulsion. The ev may be powered by a battery, solar panels or an electric generator instead of an internal combustion engine that generates power by burning a mix of fuel and gases.

As we know pollution is increasing due to which global warming increases also reducing natural resources etc it has to have to seem ev is a replacement for today’s generation vehicles.

                                 Most EVs have the capacity to run 80 to 100 miles, Some models can run up to 250 miles. Ev is not run road or rail only they are also can run electric aircraft and electric spacecraft.

electric vehicle

Types of Electric vehicle running on the road

1. Battery Electric vehicle
2. Plugin Hybrid Electric vehicle
3. Hybrid Electric vehicle
4. Fuel- cell Electric vehicle

Battery Ev

These types of eV are using only electricity as energy sources. they are charged by an external electrical charging outlet to charge the battery that’s why they are called battery electric vehicles. they do not pollute the environment with harmful gases. some of the examples of battery ev are Nissan leaf, Tesla x, Toyota rav4, etc.

Plugin Hybrid Ev

These type of eV use both gasoline and electricity as energy source. In this type of vehicles, petrol regenerates the battery when it gets less. It can also recharge his battery through regenerative braking.some of the examples of plugin hybrid ev are Toyota Prius, Hyundai Sonata, BMW i8, etc.

Hybrid Ev

Hybrid EV uses both gasoline and electricity as energy sources where both give power simultaneously to turn the transmission which makes wheels run. this electric battery is charged by gasoline .some of the examples of hybrid ev are Toyota Camry hybrid, honda civic hybrid, Toyota Prius hybrid, etc.

Fuel cell Ev

This kind of ev creates electricity from hydrogen and oxygen. They don’t store electricity in a battery. This kind of vehicle is in the development phase.

As we talk about the future of ev is huge because their operating cost compared to an internal combustion engine is low also there fuel and maintenance cost due to which many people inclined toward it in the future.
The things to achieve a great future in electric vehicles are to improve batteries so they can charge faster in minimum time and last longer for a period of time.

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