ChargeMyGaadi’s journey to sustainability is through the initiative of educating folks and helps them to learn the ways to reducecarbon footprint and enlarge social impact.We accept the inclusion of sustainability in the pillar of our strategy, and there are several role models in the universe than one think. Electric Vehicles will be an utmost contributor to a zero-emission future in the automotive industry, and fortunately, we are the ones aiding the transition to a more sustainable and greener future. Sustainability is the ability to meet future needs without jeopardising the needs of the future generation.

We are making sustainability preferences, If we extend our services for EV charging network, which will encourage sustainable choices. Access to EV Charging station will kick the dependency on fossil fuels. Electric Vehicle sales are increasing at a very high rate every year around. We are making people aware to become more conscious of the concept of Go Green and Greener Environment. Our sustainable drive is making big hit now an days.

With our energy-efficient solution we are helping the planet to save 2000 tonnes of carbon yearly. We are contributing to a more sustainable future in the form of e-mobility by enabling everyone to easy, smart and quick access to charging station. Electricity as a renewable source for driving will reduce or eliminates the GHG emissions. EV driving will transform the environment and get even cleaner as more renewable energy comes into the grid. Charging stations will be made in such a way that will work on renewable energy to push down the emissions and electricity cost related to charging. EVs are more efficient than regular fossil fuels driven cars.

We promote Solar PV based charging stations for building sustainable business models with energy storage facilities. We also design and setup compact, cost-effective and reliable state-of-the-art AC and DC fast -charging stations (wall and stand-mounted) which can be installed virtually at any place with the availability of electric power and EV.

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