EV Industry will mobilize the era post Covid-19

EV Industry will mobilize the era post Covid-19

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari show cased India as a hub for the worlds’ largest centre of Electric Vehicles. The roadmap for the growth of EV industry is quite clear and will boom as an industry in post Civod-19 era. Every crisis brings it with an equal opportunity. Covid-19 is no less than different. This will give India as s manufacturing hub in EV industry. As the precursor in the E-mobility sector, CMG offers ample of opportunities for EV enthusiast, starting from lithium-ion battery chargers for 2W/3W, charging stations, battery swapping stations, Charging infrastructure for EV Fleet like for residential apartments, parking lots or for the corporate category. We bring a series of new opportunities for the ever growing EV industry to continue the much needed learning & development as well as building connections with the right people at the right time for successfully implementing our business strategies through our Electric Vehicle Training.

The Uttar Pradesh also signals to give a helping hand to the manufacturers of EV by approving road tax relief. Government holds a optimistic approach for the industry post Covid-19 situation.

Electric vehicles sales in India in 2019 grew by 20% excluding e-rickshaws, 1.56 lakh EVs were sold in the country in fiscal year 2019-20 said SMEV. Electric two wheelers holds a much bigger chunk of this industry in India and accounted 97.5% of all EVs sold in FY20. Electric Vehicles have the potential of bouncing back as compared the IC segment vehicles. There are n numbers of E-commerce firms working across the nation and even they realised the alarming need of converting their fleet into electric. Covid-19 situation will make the nation more to work on door to door service, personalised vehicles rather than travelling with public convenience. Here, comes an opportunity with crises for the EV industry. The e-commerce giants will work out the plan to convert their petrol driven vehicles into electric one. On the other side, folks are motivated to buy more two wheelers following the concept of social distancing and kicking an industry from one level to another.

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