There are roughly 200 million vehicles which currently ply India’s road. It is estimated that India by 2040 could be a home to 31 million EVs.

To keep this fleet in continuation EV Charging infrastructure is much needed, Government targets to achieve 30% e-mobility by 2030. We only need to revamp our infrastructure facilities and make our best possible efforts in EV manufacturing.

1) Charging Infrastructure Sizing
a. Charging Strategy
b. Charging Process Simulation
c. Charger Sizing
d. Charging Schedule
e. Queuing Issue
f. Charging Load Profile
g. What if scenario analysis

2) Energy Infrastructure Analysis
a. Facility Load Integration
b. Power & Energy Demand
c. Power Outage & Resiliency
d. DER (Distributed Renewable Energy), Energy Storages &Micro Grid Options
e. What if scenario analysis

3) Financial Modelling & Analysis
a. Electrification Feasibility
b. Capex &Opex
c. Total cost of ownership calculations
d. Business Model (CaaS, EaaS& SaaS)

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