3 Types of EV Charging station you have to know first

3 Types of EV Charging station you have to know first


An electrical vehicle charging station or ev charging station is a structure that supplies electrical energy for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles.
It is installed at home or workplaces by using converters onboard that can plug into an electrical outlet. Charging stations provide electrical conversion monitoring or safety functionality and many ev charging stations can support the faster-charging at higher voltages and currents that residential EVSEs.
The public charging stations can be located at places like parking places, malls. restaurants etc type of places that can be operated by different private companies.

Types of Ev charging station

Charging station

These are three types:-

1.Residental charging stations

In this type of THESE station no user action, no separate metering but may require wiring a dedicated circuit to make faster charging. mostly in residential charging station people charge their vehicle overnight.

2.Charging while parked

In this type of These station, a private company collaborates with the owner of a parking lot to make people charge their vehicles while using nearby facilities. they are usually installed at shopping malls, parking places, and public transit stations. this charging may be slow or high speed depending upon the types of the plug is used.

3. Fast Charging at public locations

Fast charging by a public thease station greater than 40kW can charge vehicles over 10-30 min to run 60 miles. these charging stations may be a nice stop to make people run longer distances. Ex:- Type 2,ccs,CHAdeMO etc.

Battery swapping

Battery swaps or charges in under 15 min make a vehicle to run approx 200 miles that cannot be done by charging but achievable by battery swaps. It helps vehicle owners to support to get charge where there is no charging station.

Charging time

It depends on the battery capacity and charging power. As we talk rate of the charge depends on the charging level and this depends upon the voltage handling of batteries and charger electronics.
There are three levels of charging, Level 1 as the lowest, level 2 in the middle and level 3 as the supercharging it can charge up 80% in 30 min.

Charging time = Battery capacity[kWh]/ charging power[kW]

For fast charging, Vehicle manufacturers have got two solutions:-
* use the vehicle built-in charger
* use an external charger

The customer usually thinks ev charging as simple but it needs complete safety while performing charging during connection.


As we know the rechargeable Evs and equipment can be recharged from a domestic wall socket, a charging station mainly charge multiple electric vehicles and also have a connection sensing mechanism to disconnect the power when ev is not charging.
there are two types of safety sensors are current sensor and physical sensor wires.


As we talk about the cost of ev charging, companies take money per kWh also they have plans for members and different for non-members.

Charging station manufacturers

The main suppliers and manufacturers of charging stations give a range of option from simple charging posts for roadside charging cabinets for parking places to fully
automated charging station connected with power distribution equipment.

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